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Serena Jade has 30 years' of experience, studies, travels, and observations under her belt. She guides you by bringing insight, and clarity to your unique spiritual connections.

Our Ego Rational Intellectual Mind is Not The Soul.


To be able to recognize your Soul Mates/Twin Flame, you are experiencing life on a very high spiritual level. They are a piece of Heaven on Earth...Now that is astronomical! 


Soul Mates and Twin Flames are connections to the direct experience of your Soul!


"Words are a Pretext. It is the inner bond that draws one person to another, not words."-Rumi

There is a difference between Outwardly  knowing about Soul Mates and Twin Flames vs. Inwardly Recognizing Souls You've Loved Beyond Time and Space, via an Unspoken Bond.


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We are knocking on forbidden doors, when our intention is to partner with a Soul Mate/ Twin Flame. The very notion is to recognize, mirror, and share our Immortal Spiritual essence with each other. Soul Mates/Twin Flames are sacred but esoteric connections, and not your mainstream ordinary relationships.


In an ordinary Karmic traditional social relationship, we are connecting to values from our personality. We may come from the same family background and maybe live in the same area. When we form an ordinary relationship, it feels like home and familiar to our personality.


What is a Soul Mate/Twin Flame?


A Soul Mate/Twin Flame relationship is a “WOW” to our immortal part of us.


The immortal part, you ask? “Yes”


Our personality has no idea what a Soul Mate/ Twin Flame is. However, when we meet a Soul Mate, our immortal soul recognizes their soul and vice versa. The connection is a deep and profound gift. Soul Mates/Twin Flames are mates to your Soul.


Is Your Ego Ready For A Soul Mate/Twin Flame Relationship? 

Soul Mate and Twin Flame relationships are the deepest relationship we can have with another. I want to make one very crucial point: we complete us, all our issues must to be brought out into the open. We make ourselves whole. To be able to mate with our Soul Mates/Twin Flames takes deep devotion to our self.


I love this description about Soul Mates from Dr. Brian Weiss’s Best-Selling book, Only Love is Real…

"I like to think of soul relationships as similar to a large tree with a thousand leaves on it. Those leaves that are on your twig are intimately close to you. You may even share experiences, soul experiences, among yourselves. There may be three or four or five leaves on your twig. You are also highly and closely related to the leaves on the branch next to yours. They share a common limb. They are close to you, but not as close as the leaves on your own twig. Similarly, as you extend farther out along the tree, you are still related to these other leaves or souls, but not as closely as those in your immediate proximity. You are all part of one tree and one trunk. You can share experiences. You know each other. But those on your twig are the closest."-Brian


What is the difference between a Soul Mate vs. Twin Flame?

Your Soul Mates are deeply connected to your Soul, and your Twin Flame. Twin Flames are two sides of the same Soul. But nonetheless all are connected to your Soul Group. 

We have more than one Soul Mate, and have spent many lifetimes and beyond with some of them. But the leaf itself is the ultimate Soul Mate- our Soul’s counterpart and it is said, we only met them 12 times in the course of our lifetimes. But, now in our evolution we are ready to consciously stand side by side with them!

Both Soul Mates and Twin Flame relationships are a direct experience with your Soul to their Soul, and connected with Divine Force of the Universe.