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A New Age Love Story, Embedded In The Old World Sport of Horse Racing


Words are a Pretext. It is the inner bond that draws one person to another, not words.-Rumi

There is a difference between Outwardly

knowing about Soul Mates and Twin Flames vs. Inwardly Recognizing the Souls You've Loved Before, via an Unspoken Bond.


May The "Eyes" Of This Story, Be A Window To Your Own Authentic Soul Mate Experience.

Inspired by the amazing true saga of a champion jockey and a genuine soul love. As soon as Chris and Serena lock eyes, their souls recognize one another.

She is spellbound by him, and he is mesmerized by her. Eternity shines through time in their presence. They wake each other up to the caress of a spiritual love, penetrating deep within them.


Their charismatic connection goes beyond an ordinary attraction. It is the deep-seated understanding each of us are fated and destined to experience.


Eros and Psyche represent a love that is beyond this world, an exalted bond of love; a love that requires an understanding of the immortal soul. 

The Divine Couple Ascends Toward The Transcendent Force Of The Universe...

A divinely cool, gentle breeze comes over the mountains and wraps Psyche together with Eros. When you take a look at this painting, you know immediately that Psyche is totally fulfilled. She has been abducted by Eros, the ultimate spiritual connection. This abduction is not a negative, but a positive reaffirming of Eros’s love for Psyche. They are a purely spiritual couple both wrapped in deep purple, symbolizing royalty. After their long, arduous time apart from one another, the twin souls are now reunited on earth. Clearly, they have never lost their heavenly bliss.


Would you like to have a lover who intoxicates your body, and transports your mind and soul beyond time and space?


An ancient Indian Tantric philosophy and its wisdom say, "When we see each other as a God and Goddess, we will create awesome music.”


A strikingly, delicious, gorgeous, heavenly man, wraps his mate with eternal love. Their exalted bond is strongly felt through the sweet whispers of their soul. They come together tonight to share their body for a sacred union.

Are you ready to make love to a God or Goddess?




The Body: Temple of the Ego and Soul is about the very hard but simple mindset to attain a healthy body image. Serena Jade, a former Personal Trainer for the real Housewives of Long Island, lives the answer.

Are you ready to know the answer?


A Journal For Synchronicity And Dreams:

It is a good idea to record your synchronistic and dream discoveries. The process of awakening to your own soul, and the souls that are close to your soul is a process. Connecting the dots from your synchronistic discoveries, to your unconscious communication through dreams and writing them down, is a great practice.

Recording your discoveries and comparing them with your soul connections is amazing. It is validating, your souls are entangled!