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Hi Everyone!

I am Serena Jade a Psycho-Spiritual-Author, Speaker, Coach, Meditation, Laughter, and Tantra Yoga Instructor.

Raising our Divine Energy and Uplifting the Body and Mind-Amen!


01 - Magnetized (1)

Been here many times before
With a different face from a different shore
We've lived many lives before-

Lyrics to Magnetized 

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My Story

Why Read my Books, Go On my Retreats, Take my Courses, Or Work...One on One with me?


I built a story of books, retreats, courses, and coaching with inspirations drawn from living life exuding wellness and following my own soul’s passion and purpose. My travels and my knowledge on depth psychology, and nearing the highest spiritual attainment is unparalleled.


I Inspire People To Travel Our World, To Create A Fit And Sexy Body, A Balanced Mind, And An Awakened Sixth Sense.


I am a former successful Personal Trainer for the Real Jewish Housewives of Long Island, and my years of experiences, studies, travels, and observations imbues life into the Body, Mind, and Soul alignment.


I encourage you to read my Books, Laugh with me, Raise your Kundalini Energy in a Tantra Yoga class, Meditate in a Sound Vibrational Balancing Therapy Session, Take my Courses, Go On my Retreats, Or Talk one on one... with me today!

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