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Listen To How Serious Are You about Twin Flames

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Did you ever stop to wonder: is your personality all there is of you?


Do you ever wonder about the soul?

What survives when we die?

Does this thing called the soul go to heaven?

Or that’s it, lights out… Goodbye.

If the soul survives, do we come back?

Remembering our soul is being spiritual. How fabulous would it be, not just to remember our own soul, but to recognize the souls who were with us, from the beginning of creation. Souls, our soul are entangled with - this is the spiritual and true definition of soul mates and twin flames.

You know, people use soul mates/twin flames this, soul mates/twin flames that - and actually they have intellectual knowledge, but don’t have a spiritual and psychological understanding, and therefore they don't know what this means.


I've lived by my soul, which is not a mainstream practice, and studied esoteric wisdom at a profound level for 30 years. This is where I teach, and take you through the process, which actually is a system of remembering your soul, which is where true soul mates and twin flames meet.


I can't promise you; you are with or going to meet your Twin Flame. No one can because, that is a sacred bond between your soul. But I can promise you, a model of the authentic soul connection experience.


My books, courses, and consultations prepare you for an authentic soul connection.

How serious are you about your deepest most-profound eternal love? 


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Traditionally, we meet someone delicious, fall in love, get married and have children. Socially, we do not prepare for a relationship. We assume the relationship will fall into place if I meet the right person. It is a crapshoot as to whether we will live happily ever after or not. Happily, ever after- meaning we will live in a somewhat healthy interaction with our spouse and children. This is not the case in many, many households.

Soul Mates and Twin Flames are not connecting with each other from the traditional way, our society mates. Their connection is from the heavenly realm, but they are here in the now. As such, they must understand themselves, and transform their lower nature to sustain their ethereal connection on earth. These are connections are bringing us closer to our soul, and the transcendent not away, very important.

How Prepared Are You?


Are You Ready To Prepare for an Ethereal Connection?

Ms. Jade guides you by awakening your innate, yet untapped psychological and psychic wisdom. Serving as powerful guideposts, that bring insight, and clarity to your unique spiritual journey. She delivers speeches, online content and courses, workshops, desert retreats, travel adventures, and educational materials that help you Prepare for a Soul Mate/Twin Flame and transition from an Ego to a Self- Soul-Centered existence, using the knowledge of Joseph Campbell, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, the World's Religions, and the Chakras. 


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What is Most Important in Recognizing a Soul Mate and or Twin Flame?
In What Religion did Karma Originate?
When Rumi said, There is a Voice That Doesn't Use Words. Listen. Did He Mean Listen to?
Do You Think You Need To Uplug From The Matrix (How a Person is Conditioned) in Order to be With a Soul Mate and or Twin Flame?

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