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Soul Mates and Twin Flames see into the Holy of Holies within each other.

“[The Deepest Most Profound Eternal Love, Soul Mates and the Karma that prevents them to be together: A Soul Mate is like the Echo of Oneself in Matter. [The Deepest Most Profound Eternal Love] have the same pattern of spiritual identity and share a unique destiny."-
Elizabeth Clare Prophet

A few months ago, in my Facebook Jungian group, a woman posted an incident where someone she knew, was in a toxic relationship. Her friend labeled the relationship, as a Twin Flame. But, only the woman labeled the relationship as a twin flame, not the man. 

A connection is when both people recognize the soul within and around the other. 

Here are four of the best comments from my Carl Jung group about Twin Flames: 

Chontelle Rogers Sewell


The original teachings from / & whom Penned the term Twin Flame - the Great White Brotherhood of the Ascended Masters of the Ancient Wisdom.

The teachings are profound and Nothing like the YouTubers quick $ market fad.

[The Great White Brotherhood, where Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet descended from- authors of Soul Mates and Twin Flames.]-Serena Jade

[Where do you think the Great White Brotherhood attained their wisdom?- From the esoteric wisdom of religion.]-Serena Jade

The Twin flames have individually reached Samadhi-

Or: Reached a level of attainment and given the dispensation to unite. -[The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad emphasizes that only experiential knowledge of Atman and Brahman, can help to attain the state of Samadhi or Enlightenment].


Then in unity have massive spiritual missions on earth. Not eating Cheerios on the couch watching Netflix together!*

Beate Pausewang

Biggest danger of Twin Flame is that most people confuse it with a karmic relationship.

[If you read Elizabeth Clare Prophet she says, the karmic relationship is the tightest.] Because the Karmic relationship is dealing with unmet needs, that we as an individual need to address.-Serena Jade 

Maria Koutsouradi

Twin flame relationships happen when our own masculine and feminine energies merge. The relationship with the other, the twin flame will be the reflection of that new product.

"We need to unite within ourselves, the Divine Masculine and Feminine, called Ida and Pingala in Tantra Yoga.

Understand when someone has said they met their twin flame, Most likely they met a karmic relationship, and not their deepest most profound eternal love.

"To know others is wisdom, to know yourself is enlightenment, to master others requires force; to master yourself requires true strength."- Lao Tzu, author of Taoism's, Tao Te Ching.

"The Deepest Most Profound Eternal Love requires you to detach from society's mindset. The Deepest Most Profound Eternal Love requires you to be alone with yourself. The Deepest Most Profound Eternal Love requires you to Master Yourself."-Serena Jade

I cannot say this enough, the Deepest Most Profound Eternal Love and soul mates requires work on yourself. A mastery of self is a requirement.

Zied Talbi

The soul is the hardest thing to deal with, it's not something we experience daily, hell, people live their entire life without coming close to even touching their OWN soul, let alone another's. That's why I said, the phenomenon is hard to happen, but it's still possible of course.


Carl Jung, the Godfather of the authentic New Age, declared in his book, Answer to Job that the initiation of a new age demanded, the “anamnesis” – the “remembering” – of the primordial feminine Sophia.

Sophia is Gnostic in origin and is comparable to the soul and resides in all humans, as the Divine Spark.

"The inner self is what we think of as the mind [Ego]. But the inner self is also our spiritual nature, the part of us that connects to the Divine- in short, our soul.- Swedenborg Foundation. 

The soul is the real person because it is the deepest self. It is a near by vessel for God. Therefore, it is a dwelling place for God. -Emanuel Swedenborg."


Soul Mates and the Deepest Most Profound Eternal Love grow out of a Spiritual Journey. Soul Mates and the Deepest Most Profound Eternal Love are a gift of the journey.

Before there is the Deepest Most Profound Eternal Love (Mystical) union in the outer world, there needs to be a mystical marriage within. Uniting, the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, in other words, the Ego and Soul, the World of Matter and the World of Spirit, within ourselves. 

One should be so lucky, to be with a True Soul Mate, let alone the Deepest Most Profound Eternal Love! 


This is because Soul Mates and the Deepest Most Profound Eternal Love are not connecting with each other from the traditional way, our society mates. Their connection is from the heavenly realm, but they are here in the now. As such, they must understand themselves, and transform their lower nature to sustain their ethereal connection on earth. These connections are bringing us closer to our soul, and the transcendent not away, very important.


Are you connecting with someone you think you might have a soul bond, but somehow you can't seem to connect in the here and now? Karma is probably the obstacle. Your Ego must be up to par to sustain this connection. I am the guide for you.

This course covers the basic concepts you need to know, to unite the world of spirit to the world of matter.

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